Telecare and Independent Ageing Conference 2013

Presentations and Workshops

Conference Programme

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Opening Plenary

The AKTIVE project - aims, ambitions and expectations

Prof. Sue Yeandle, CIRCLE, University of Leeds, AKTIVE project director


The Telecare Industry: Looking to the future

Valerie de Leonibus, Co-Founder and Director, Inventya Ltd


Caring networks: how does telecare fit in?
Early findings from the AKTIVE project's everyday life analysis

Dr. Emma-Reetta Koivunen, CIRCLE, University of Leeds


Workshop A: Telecare - designing products and systems for older people at home

The challenge of designing telecare solutions

Richard Farrell-Smith, Product Manager, Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd.


Co-production of assisted living technologies

Dr. Joe Wherton, Queen Mary University, ATHENE Research project


People centred approaches: routes to information, insight and inspiration

Chris McGinley, Senior Associate, Age and Ability Lab, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, RCA


Workshop B: Telecare marketing and distribution - opportunities and barriers

Consumer attitudes to purchasing electronic Assistive Living Technology in the future

Simon Fielden, Director, Health, Design and Technology Institute (HDTI), University of Coventry


Telecare routes to market

Radka Bartosova, Healthcare Innovation Consultant, Inventya Ltd.


Life-changing design

Ian Rutter, Engage Business Network, Age UK


Workshop C: Telecare as a support in older people's lives

Realising telecare potential: Developmets and Challenges

Prof Alan Roulstone, Professor of Disability and Inclusion, University of Northumbria


Using Information and Communication Technology ICT to empower older people

Dr. Elizabeth Hanson, Scientific Leader, Swedish Family Care Competence Centre


Workshop D: Commisioning and delivering telecare

Impact Assessment: Lessons learnt from the analysis of 12 ICT based solutions for caregivers from the CARICT project

Stephanie Carretero, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, European Commission


Workshop E: Integrating telecare into older people's caring networks

Telecare: a modern solution for modern families

Madeleine Starr, Head of Innovation, Carers UK


Implications of telecare for the roles, training and support of care workers

Dr Gary Fry, Research Fellow, CIRCLE


Workshop F: Developing and expanding the telecare product range

Telecare Platforms of the Future

John Eaglesham, Chief Executive, Advanced Digital Institute


Moving to scale - providing choice and personalisation

George MacGinnis, Director, PA Consulting


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